Script for tomographic reconstruction in DM

Trienberberg plugin

  • The Tomography PlugIn is a set of programs running in Gatan Inc.’s Digital Micrograph (GMS versions: 32bit – 1.8x, 64bit – 2.x) used for 2D and 3D tomographic reconstruction at single axis geometry. Beside the reconstruction techniques Simple backprojection, Weighted backprojection, and (Weighted) Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique (SIRT), the package also contains tools for organizing and handling image stacks (series), as well as a Fast Fourier Transformation pack (FFTW).Reference: Wolf D., Lubk A., and Lichte H., Weighted simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique for single-axis tomography.Ultramicroscopy 136 (2014) 15-25.

Tomo Wolf Dresde

NOTE: Before you are able to download the software you need registration at the webpage, however I have not been able to do it. You may want to contact the administartor of the page.

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