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An image in TEM is as good as the sample

Authors : Jeanne Ayache, Luc Beaunier, Jacqueline Boumendil, Gabrielle Ehret, Danièle Laub

This two-volume Handbook is a comprehensive guide to sample preparation for the transmission electron microscope. Sample Preparation Handbook for Transmission Electron Microscopy: Techniques describes 14 different preparation techniques, including 22 detailed protocols for preparing thin slices for TEM analysis. Compatibility and pre-treatments are also discussed. Experimental conditions and guidelines, options and variations, advantages and constraints, technical hints from the authors’ years of experience, common artifacts, and theoretical issues are all considered. Particular attention is given to the type of material, conditioning, compatible analysis of a given preparation, and risks. This practical and authoritative reference companion deserves a place on the bench in every TEM lab.

The first volume covers theoretical and practical aspects of sample preparation for TEM. It brings you tools for preparation and observation techniques. This volume also gives directions to the best preparative technique to implement by taking into account material types, material structures and their properties. Physical properties, material classification and microstructures are also compiled, alongside a thorough description of physics and chemistry of sample preparation techniques. This technical handbook identifies the main artefacts brought by the preparation techniques (mechanical, physical and chemical techniques). It covers a wide range of TEM analysis and observation modes and gives a comprehensive comparison between techniques used on the same material and offers tools to implement a particular technique onto a given material. A thoughtful discussion upon combination of techniques is also included to guide your complex sample analysis and to obtain TEM thin slice.

The second volume is dedicated to technical hints. 14 different preparation techniques are developed; compatibility and pre-treatments are also included. This volume also compiles 22 thin slice preparation detailed protocols for TEM analysis. It considers theoretical sidelight, experimental conditions and guidelines, options and variations, advantages and constraints, common artefacts brought by the given treatment of sample. Application fields of main techniques are developed with particular considerations on type of materials, conditioning, compatible analysis of a given preparation and the risks of the techniques.

Interestingly, a webpage dedicated to the topic of sample preparation has also been created by the authors


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Home page dedicated to TEM sample preparation


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