“Quantum made simple” using video animations

I present here the webpage http://www.toutestquantique.fr/en/

The webpage is in english and french and contains videos to spread the message “Quantum Made Simple”. The videos are produced by the Physics Reimagined group (LPS, CNRS Universite Paris-Sud) with funding of Labex PALM.

The goal is to explain topics related to quantum phenomena: the wave-particle duality,  photoemission,  Bose-Einstein condensate, graphene, decoherence and many more. Some videos explain also the principles of different types of microscopy.

All the videos are made with computer animations of good quality and which are simple and self-explanatory. As the leader of the group, Julien Bobroff explains

at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (LPS) of Université Paris-Sud and CNRS we are studying new ways to present recent discoveries in solid state physics to large public.

As a example watch the next two videos explaining the basics of TEM and SEM operation. They are part of a collection of videos on different types of microscopy including AFM, STM and optical microscopies.


Also, check the next one explaining concepts important for a microscopist-to-be such as the relation between crystal structure and reciprocal space.





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